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Cut Butt?


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So, recently we had this teacher who was going off at everyone about having a "cut butt" She said if you didn't have one, then you were not working your turn out muscles properly. Has anyone heard of the term "cut butt" before? I think she is talking about an indentation on the top part of your butt near the hip. Can anyone help me understand what a cut butt is?


Thank you!!

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I have never heard that term used, but I would think that she probably means that one can see whether the butt muscles are engaged or not by the indentation it creates, but that would be at the lower end of the butt, where it joins with the top of the thigh.

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I'm not sure if it's inappropriate to respond because I'm not giving advice, but I've seen it! Usually the older dancers have it, and I'm guessing it's because they've been working their turnout for longer than my level! I sort of have one, but it's not as extreme as some people. It's an indentation that loops around your thighs near the hips! I don't know why some people have them and some people don't, because I've seem people with awesome turnout who don't have it.

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Our ballet teacher calls those timples, such as dimples in your butt. She says it during class, "squeeze your timples!" a lot.

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