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Late starter, pointe?


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I just started ballet 6 months ago at a pretty serious ballet school. I am 14 years old, and in level 3 (pre pointe) with 10-12 year olds. I am not the best in the class, but not the worst. I think I keep up pretty well with the class. My teacher told me that I have improved a lot since I started. This class will be going en pointe in about 4 months. Do you think 10 months of ballet is enough to be ready for pointe? Am I too old to be in this class? I am looking forward to pointe, as long as I am safe and ready for it!

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Actually, no, it is not nearly enough time to be safely ready for pointe. How many classes a week do you have? How long are the classes?

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I have 4 ballet technique classes a week and 1 recital class. They are all 1.5 hours long

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Okay, that is a good start, and you are very fortunate to be able to take 4 classes a week as a beginner. If you have a really good facility for ballet you might be ready somewhat earlier than the amount of time we normally recommend, but I would still seriously question 10 months of training being able to get you to pointe readiness. Check out the topic Facts of Life About Pointe Work, which is one of the "pinned" topics at the top of this forum.

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Thank you for answering! I am very glad that my studio offers so many classes!

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