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Hello! I am new here today, having been recommended by a mom on another forum. I have been reading here and trying to discover how to proceed with my DD's dance education. We are about 2 hours from Boston and are thinking about attending the Youth Dance Workshop.


I want to know--Is the studio and current training acceptable, or should we try to go farther away/take privates?


It is a non-profit community studio with a huge range of dancers and ability. The dancers are grouped by age, but also by ability as they grow. It appears to me that if you get old enough at this studio and stick with it, you will eventually move up no matter your ability, but my dd is not old enough yet, so this is just from my observation. The ballet master is a former principal from a highly respected ballet dance company and seems to be a very good teacher. The lower level ballet teachers were not professional, but have good technique from what I know. I don't think the problem lies with what is being taught, only with the schedule of classes.


My daughter is 9.5 and takes 2 ballet classes at her own level and one below just to get in enough practice per week. Each are 50 minutes long. There are no other ballet classes available to her at her current studio. She also takes Tap, Jazz, and Hip Hop each also 55 min per week. So ballet for approx. 3 hours, other dance 3 hours. She shows some promise according to others. I can tell that she looks lovely has a strong body and good timing, but not much more, as I am not a dancer and have no experience in the dancing world.


I have read your guidelines and recommendations on this site for the amount that dancers should be dancing on order to go en pointe and I am nervous that there is not enough opportunity for her at the studio.


Would you say something to the ballet master? Just leave and drive 2 hours to Brookline or Boston? Drive 1.5 hours to Manchester NH?


One last sticking point--ballet master's daughter is the same age as my daughter and it appears she is being groomed for a ballet career if she wants one. So I don't want to insult him by saying that what he is doing isn't appropriate when clearly, it is goo enough for his dd? Unless he is teaching her at home daily, she only takes 1 ballet class for 50 min. per week.


If you have made it this far, thanks for reading!!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, crazyfrogmom!


I think that if you can get her to either Boston Ballet or Brookline, that would be a positive step. Do it this summer, and see what you learn about the difference in the training. It could be significant enough to make the move permanent, or maybe you will find that she will be okay where she is for a little while longer.

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