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I love my ballet teacher and I strive to do everything she tells me (corrections in class) however, she always yells "Po Po tight" at me. (Meaning to tuck your bottom under to create better lines. I just cannot tuck my bottom under! How do I fix this to create better lines while dancing? (I apologize if this topic is tmi, and I apologize if I did not use the correct terms.

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Well, the term "tuck" is definitely verboten here! One does NOT TUCK one's butt under, ever!!! Using the muscles in the derrière is one thing, tucking is totally another. That would make you sit into your legs, which is the LAST thing you want to do! Ask her to please explain how to USE the muscles correctly, as without usage, there is so core strength and no rotation. But you must use them and lift up out of the legs at the same time. Check out the Adult Ballet Students forum for a great pinned topic on Alignment. :)

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Sorry, I did not mean "tuck" as in to sit in your legs! I did not know another word to describe it! Am I allowed to view a topic in the adult forum? Thanks

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