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When one side is better


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I know there are other topics on this, but the search didn't like it--the terms were too general, and I ended up with a whole mishmash of things that had nothing to do with my question.


When my right leg is the gesture leg, everything is wonderful--stuff happens much more naturally, and so on. When I'm on the other side, it is noticeably different. It's like the right leg was born to be the gesture leg, and the left leg the supporting one..but clearly, that's not ideal.


I know there are differences in sides, but lately, I've noticed the difference sharpening. It doesn't make sense to me why...we do everything on both sides, and when we mark, I usually go on the left, if at all possible. In fact, at the barre, we start with the left foot (a break from tradition, I know, but my teacher likes us to start facing her and that's where the shelf for the CD player is. I don't mind--I'm left-handed, and it always bothered me why we always must start with the right). Is there a way to fix this? My mathematical brain kicking in says, well, if the right side is twice as strong, the left side should do everything twice, so they'll be equal! I doubt it works that way, though...

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To be honest with you, eventually my one-sidedness evened itself out without my having put too much effort in to change it. I did worry so about it for quite a while and then I just stopped worrying in general. It just stopped bothering me and interfering with the success of what I was asked to do. I just stopped worrying about it and started to focus on dancing in class. It could be a maturity issue. :nixweiss:

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So calm down and relax and let it all happen. Good advice, thanks, Ms Schneider!

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