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Classical Adage Male Variations?

Premier Danseur

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I'm curious if there are any male ballet variations that are adagios? The only variation that I know of is Des Grieux's variation from Manon. I'm also curious as to why those types of variations are so rare to come by. There is a much higher standard for male dancers physically than say a century ago. Now we are considered tight if our legs do not go above 90 degrees in our extensions. So I don't see a reason why male dancers can't be doing real adagios in a classical ballet on stage and not just in the classroom. I think that there are many professional male dancers that are capable of the extension, control, and artistry to perform a stunning performance. And I'm sure there are many talented choreographers that could see it to fruition.

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The male variation in Les Sylphide/Chopaniana is an adagio. In Kevin McKenzie's Swan Lake there is a lovely adagio for Von Rothbart. Perhaps other members can think of a few more. Premier danseur your questions and observations are lovely. :)

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The "danseur noble", who used to dance those sorts of variations, are a rare breed anymore. Lots of male dancers can handle the legato variations, but few look best at them. It's a tough emploi to find.

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Hamorah wrote to me with the following additional suggestions:


There is a beautiful adagio solo - a very dramatic one too - before the duel scene in Cranko's Onegin. There is also as far as I remember one in Swan Lake before the prince goes off hunting.
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