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Finding pre-professional schools to audition for

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I am a female australian dancer, and I turn 18 in september. I have finished my acedemics and I am auditioning for schools in Europe and America around May. I have been doing fulltime training for about 2 years now. Does anyone have recommendations or information about good ballet schools that have a pre-professional course for my age group.

-What style do they like in their dancers, eg fast, adagio, heights, build

-how long the course is, or if it is an open time frame (so you leave when you are ready to audition for companies)

-do they have a junior company or is there opportunities to work with a company that is linked with the school

-do they only train in ballet or also include other syles like contemporary

-do they have accomodation facilities or does the city have good public transport

-what size classes

-what are the teachers like

any sort of information is appreciated :)

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Bramptsa-Welcome to Ballet talk! Spend some time researching your questions in the "pre-professional schools general discussion" area or here: http://dancers.invisionzone.com/index.php?showforum=147


If you have specific questions regarding a program that have not been addressed, feel free to ask within the established thread for each program. The programs are listed alphabetical so finding the information should be fairly easy.



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