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Approved to start pointe!; first point shoe fitting appointment


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My DD (11 yo) is very excited! Her school made a couple suggestions, but is there anything I should ask/tell the fitter when we go to her first pointe shoe fitting?

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That's so exciting, congrats!!!

We just had our very first fitting a few weeks ago. Luckily, our studio has a dance store attached and a very experienced fitter plus the SO/her teacher was available to look at the shoe on her and approve.

Does her teacher have a preference for beginner shoes? Ours does, and doesn't even bring out the shoes that aren't on that list, for now.

I don't know how independent your 11yo is, but mine tends to look to me for reassurance and one of the first things the fitter said was that *she* (my DD) is the ONLY one who can tell how the shoe feels from inside, the fitter cannot, the teacher cannot and Mom cannot. Not having ever worn a pointe shoe, I know my DD was terrified of making some sort of mistake and end up with ill fitting shoes... we haven't sewn the ribbons yet as her teacher has been slammed with more pressing studio matters but it's happening soon.

Bring your camera. :)

Enjoy the moment, it's special now but soon enough it will be just like buying new tights or flat slippers, simply a necessity. Right now it feels magical and wonderful though! :)

When I posted pretty much this same thing a few weeks ago, someone wrote a cute post about how to prepare for pointe shoes, something along the lines of "practice throwing money into the wind" etc. It was really funny, unfortunately I think the poster wasn't supposed to be in that forum so it's gone.


Again, congrats to both of you, it's such a wonderful milestone for the girls!

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Hope you took some pictures!

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