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Undergarments for Leotards


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We're required to get a camisole for an upcoming performance and the camisole can not have clear straps. One of the other dancers told me they wear Spanx as an undergarment for everyday class and performances. I was wondering if it's a good idea to wear a body shaper such as Spanx underneath leotards? Does anyone here wear spanx or other body shapers while in ballet classes? If so does it help or hinder you?


Also, I'd like to know would something like Spanx or a compression garment help with strengthening the core if worn during ballet classes or pilates?

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I doubt that any sort of everyday streetwear support undergarment would strengthen your core -- quite the reverse, I'd say!


Are you asking about how you'd get appropriate bust support under a camisole? Can you wear a bra, for example? If it's for a performance, you may need to sew in straps etc so they don't show.


But it's not usual for dancers to wear underwear -- the tights and leotard are sufficient. However, if you feel you need more support there are lots of threads in here about that. When I have a chance, I'll try to find a few links to very helpful discussion threads here for you.

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Well we are not allowed to wear underwear. I'm not heavy uptop so I don't wear bras under my leotard but they require us to wear a flesh toned camisole without clear straps for performances. One of the dancers mentioned Spanx. It was hard for me to find a camisole without clear straps. Someone suggested wearing spanx while in classes to help with posture which would help with core work.

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I wonder if Spanx would be bulky under a thinner leotard. Wear Moi makes a really interesting nude camisole for use under costumes. It's nice because parts of the camisole are mesh (the leg line area for instance) so that even if the leg lines of your tutu do not match with the nude camisole, it is less noticeable under the lights. I don't own this particular leotard, so I'm unsure how great it is, but the concept sounds pretty good to me. Here's a link to it:




I suppose you could take the straps and replace the clear ones with nude elastic pretty easily. You wouldn't even have to use the hooks at the end of the clear straps if you were willing to sew your own nude elastic straps onto the leotard itself.

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Just an FYI that the Capezio nude camisole leotards typically come with clear straps AND nude colored straps (at least they did the last time I purchased a couple from Discount Dance a few months ago). Hope this helps!

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The Natalie one also comes with clear and flesh straps and is pretty cheap to boot!

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I wear spanx in class and have thought about looking online for a compression garment. I love it because I'm very large and I want my jiggly bits to stay as close in relation to my body as possible when jumping. I hate landing and trying to jump again only to feel the rest of your stomach land after you. I also wear a sports bra over my regular bra.

Do people know of some place to get very large size leotards? Do leotards offer enough support for someone who is larger?

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What an awesome site! Leotards in real adult sizes :huepfen:


I find that a size 'L' in "regular" leotards is a little on the small side (a UK size 12 doesn't qualify as a large in my book!), but I don't need a 'plus' size. I've also just discovered I need a pastel coloured leotard for my LAB course in the summer (which I don't really have the figure for, but hey....) and I have been struggling to find one with an appropriate cut.


Pity about the overseas shipping charges - I may have to stick to looking wistfully........

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I tried Spanx once and I hated it so much! It was much too tight, plus when I took it off, I had all these red marks all over my stomach and thighs. I also found the fabric extremely itchy. But that isn't to say that Spanx are bad---they just weren't for me.


I think one other issue that has been neglected in this thread is that wearing any type of undergarment beneath the tights (at least for females) makes it more difficult for teachers to see the lines and curves of our bodies and therefore unable to make the necessary corrections to our postures and form.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Interesting .... teachers develop the ability to see muscles and skeletal alignment through clothing .... I personally have no trouble seeing what bodies are doing whether those bodies are wearing a tee shirt and yoga pants or wearing a leotard and tights. Underwear beneath tights poses no problem to me. X-ray vision I guess :)


I would much rather have my students wear what is comfortable for them so that they feel they can move and dance without discomfort whether that be physical or mental. I have taken class with working professionals and believe me their class attire choices are varied and many. Does wearing something other than tights and leotard make them less of an amazing artist? No.

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