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boys/men socks


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Is there a place in the US I can buy RAD approved white dance socks? Or, where do you find white dance socks for men/boys?

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I need this too. Last year I ordered a pair but they were too short. I had to cut the toes out so that they would pull up high enough.

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Try www.boysdancetoo.com and see if the white socks they have are what you are looking for. It says they were designed by Freed for the Royal Academy of Dance; but I have no idea if that means they're the right socks or not. Hope that helps.

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Thanks! I did read that thread but it seemed most people refered to Target for socks. That is not going to work on a boy with size 11.5 foot. The other places I saw them were at online stores in the UK. I will check out boysdancetoo.com. Thanks.

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Ok, so the Freed socks are only in children's sizes. Will keep looking.

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Thanks doublejoy. I saw that. Unfortunately, you have to purchase $40 worth of products or they will charge you a flat $40 no matter what you buy. That would be 16 pairs of socks..lol. I think I am going with the REI sock liner (coolmax) idea and leave it at that.

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therese, can you find a local dancewear shop that stocks Sansha products? They will be able to add on a few pairs of socks to their next order with Sansha without the $40 minimum. :thumbsup:

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I just called Freed directly. I ordered three pairs of the largest size. They are British size 10. She said that should equal to our size 11. I am hoping that they will stretch to fit my son's 11.5 foot. If not, she said to send them back. My son has to wear white socks and shoes this Summer, so I need more than just a pair that will work for the RAD exam.

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Thanks for the idea jamied. my son has to have them (also a size 11.5) for the dance theatre of harlem...along with white ballets that "remain white and unscuffed". yeah...um..ok.


Thanks Clara76.Good idea!

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The socks fit! My son thinks they my not go as high up his calf as they should but we will let his teacher decide tomorrow. I also called the dance store that Ballet Chicago recommended, they are walking distance from the studio. They stock white ballet shoes in my son's size and even larger. If he wears a pair out or grows this Summer, he can go get a new pair.

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