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Wall Splits


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My two children have been doing wall splits to work on their center splits. Is this a good idea, and, if so, how long should they hold them?

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Are you talking about sitting on the floor facing the wall and trying to get in as close as you can to the wall? If so, this is fine AS LONG as the students are completely warmed up first. There is no set time for holding it that I know of, but I don't think holding it for a long time is needed. Keep in mind that that is just another way of doing splits, and splits themselves are the stretch. No flexibility stretches should be done without having done barre first.

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Thank you for your reply. They are up against the wall with their legs up in a V, backs on the floor. Gravity is helping them stretch, but the wall, not so much. They are trying to get their legs parallel to the floor. Yes, they are warmed up beforehand and are doing barre during class. They stretch at home to get warmed up and do the wall splits on the days they don't have class.

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At our studio, the students are encouraged to practice wall splits at home after warming up. They are to hold them for 30-45 seconds.

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