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A day in the life of PBT's Julia Erickson

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I saw this on my local news and found it very interesting. Julia Erickson, Principal at Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre, shares a day in her life with KDKA news.




Edited because link wasn't working.

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Thanks for sharing! That was interesting. Why would she go down the stairs backwards? I would think you would be more likely to injure yourself that way early in the morning!

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Maybe going down the stairs backwards is a way to wake up??? To make a person have to really think about what they are doing? I know I would have to think about it very hard and that would be a challenge first thing in the morning!

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Dd was once advised by a former dancer/teacher at STEPS on B'way to always take the elevator when leaving, instead of the four flights of stairs down. She referred to protecting herself from wear and tear as much as possible - I don't remember what, but I am thinking knees. Nevertheless, that backwards descent sure looks precarious!!

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Guest Missmary

Maybe gentle warmup of achilles and calf? Eons ago (and I mean EONS), I had a teacher who sometimes had us do something similar when we had an early morning class and on cold days. We would stand on the top of a two step stepstool, facing the barre with a firm grip, reach back with one foot onto the lower step onto demi-releve, positioned so that the ball of the foot was towards the rear of the lower step - then slowly lower the heel on a straight leg. I can't believe I can remember this since I have trouble remembering what I did with my car keys. I just tried this on my carpeted stairs, clutching the banister. Yes, a really nice, gentle stretch of the achilles and calf muscles. It felt wonderful! Come to think of it, when I was in my teens and broke my ankle square dancing, my doctor had me do this on the stairs as part of my rehab - not backing down the whole staircase - just standing on the second stair and alternating feet! Can't see the dancers feet, but maybe that's what the dancer was doing. Yes, it looks precarious the way she was doing it!

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