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Lame duck


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I have been wondering this for a while: in a lame duck, or step over pique turn, do you close to fifth before the turn, or is it more open like fourth?

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After the tombé the piqué onto the turning leg is more like a slightly open 5th, in that, unless you have no space and cannot travel, you will probably step a bit forward, but not necessarily all the way to 4th. :) Technically, it is a piqué en dehor turn. My theory on why it somehow obtained the name "lame duck" is because of the way it is often executed by students, with a very stiff step out of it instead of an actual tombé, which of course has to have a demi plié. I really hate the term lame duck, and never use it except when my students are making it look like that. :yucky:

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