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audition for a university dance program


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I have an audition for an elite dance program in an Upstate New York school(Brockport). I've already read about what the audition is going to include; a ballet class followed by a modern class followed by a round where we all have to perform solos. I'm really nervous

because I haven't gotten accepted to any programs in the past. However, I've been training with my current school's dance program and I have improved. I'm still really nervous though because auditions make me nervous anyway. Also, my solo has to be self-choreographed

and I'm worried that it wont be as clean as a solo choreographed for me by one of my company's choreographers. Does anyone have

any advice on how to knock out this audition?


P.S. I've also auditioned at other schools before and have quickly realized that different places look for different things (i.e. GMU wants

intense dancers who eat up the space while JMU wants excited dancers who enjoy being in the space) so what could I do in order to

fit all descriptions no matter what the school is looking for?



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Essentially, you can't be all things to all people- ever. All you can do is try your very, very best.


Find a short piece of music that speaks to you, and start improvising to the music. Spend a little more time figuring out if there's a story in there. Video yourself regularly, and when you feel well-rehearsed, have some colleagues and teachers watch, and ask for their critiques.


Merde to you!

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