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Middle Splits


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I'm hoping people could give me some tips on improving middle splits fast!!! <3 Thanks!!

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, balletballetballet!


We will try to help, but first you must understand that improvements do not happen fast in ballet, especially things involving rotation and flexibility. Splits are simply stretches. They are really not even part of the vocabulary of ballet. They are used to improve flexibility, and the middle also for rotation. So, doing them, only when you are thoroughly warmed up of course, is how you improve them! But, you cannot expect it to happen quickly.


There are a lot of threads for splits in this YD 13-16 forum, including a recent one where some exercises using the wall are explained. One is where you sit facing the wall with you legs open as far as they will go, and then try to push yourself closer to the wall. Another uses gravity to help. You like down on the floor with your derrière up against the wall, put your legs straight up with feet pointed, flex the feet and open your legs as far as they will go. Just stay there a few minutes and let gravity pull them down further.

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