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A cautionary tale....


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With the popularity of the movie "First Position" has come a popularity of the gadgets shown in the movie. Whether you approve or not (I do NOT approve) your DKs will have access to them through friends and peers in the studio/school. This can lead to injury. Injury my own DD has now incurred due to the peer pressure of friends waiting for class to start. A friend brought a "turn board" and while waiting for class in the reception area they were egging each other on to use it. My DD did what most 11 year olds would do and participated. She fell on her butt, took class (and that day was also pointe) and appeared to be fine until the following day. She has strained her knee. It seems when she fell, she twisted her leg. She will be fine but it could have been much worse. As a parent I ask fellow parents to exercise some restraint and keep your gadgets at home. Kids will be kids and want to show off, but lets keep the showing off to their own abilities and not to some "cool" device. Without proper supervision students can and will get hurt.


And yes, my DD does bear responsibility in the whole event but lets keep in mind her age.....11. I notified the school and they are now on the alert for such gadgets and will be confiscating them if girls bring them into the school. They also don't approve.


Thank you for listening to my rant, I am just so frustrated :wallbash: I try everyday to instill that hard work is the road to success and this happens!

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I agree that about the devices...I refuse to buy one of those foot stretching contraptions even though older DD swears that she will never have acceptable feet without it. However, with most kids, if it wasn't the turning board, it would be something else...like a spill ice skating or even hyperextending a knee while running downhill (yes, that was younger DD). Life happens, and sometimes these things are inconvenient, but they make us all step back and take a deep breath. Take it easy on yourself and DD! :flowers:

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Glad to hear your dd is fine. The school might also remind all the students that it is not going to be the enhanced arches, enhanced stretching or the competitions that will be the important things that make them most appealing to a ballet company in the future. And those feet will become stronger and more arched with all the work they put into the next several years! :whistling:

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Blanche, don't I know it! LOL You should have been there the day she thought it was a good idea to try on her new pointe shoes then walk down the carpeted stairs, very funny but almost tragic! She looked like Bambi on the ice!

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I will definitely let my 11yo read this! She's been asking for a foot stretcher since she saw that movie....


LOL at the" Bambi on ice" escapade. I'm glad she's OK, through both mishaps. I'm sure she'll think twice about trying another gadget though, so perhaps it was a good lesson and with not too severe consequences I hope. Thanks for allowing our kids to learn through her mistake! Hope she heals quickly!

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