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spinal alignment


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Hello! I was looking for other posts on this but hadn't seen too many, but please direct me if I missed something. I have dealt with the issue of having a very hyperextended/swayed back for however long I can remember and I am learning more ways to correct it but feel unsteady still about certain issues that it creates. I have asked all my teachers and take their advice to heart but sometimes I think i need to hear it a different or new way :happy:


a. I constantly feel like I am pulling myself back off of my legs. Is it ok to push my hips forward? I know most teachers warn not to tuck the pelvis under, but it is impossible for me to tuck as it is almost impossible for me to get my spine in a straight line.


b. Should I be more concerned about seeing the front of my hips in a straight line or my spine? I guess it is both but I feel like it is not achievable due to how severely my pelvis tips forward.


c. In order to counterbalance, I think I have begun to stick my neck out, nose first, and then my shoulder collapse into my chest and I am not sure how to make myself look calmer, prettier and more correct. I hear "open your chest" all the time, but my body feels very confused how to open my chest and put my head back in alignment with the rest of the spine, while keeping my pelvis in the proper position and my torso forward. And then I am expected to dance?! it is all so confusing.


I hope most of this made sense! thank you so much

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Welcome to Ballet Talk Daiszy! In your future posts, please use proper punctuation. I have edited your post above using proper capitalization.

Body alignment can be a tricky thing but is of utmost importance. I have not observed you before so my comments below are based on your descriptions in your post.


You should not "tuck under". Keep your pelvis in the neutral position. It may help you to think of lifting your lower abdominal muscles. Also think of making a straight line from the upper part of your inner thigh to the lower part of the rib cage. For expanding your chest: This will sound strange...Imagine you have a third eye located at the top of your sternum. Now, with that third eye look toward the horizon as if you were watching a sunrise. Be careful not to allow the lower ribcage to lift up, otherwise you will "tilt" the upper body back resulting in the chin coming forward as you described.


It would be much easier to explain this to you "hands on". I hope that made a bit of sense to you. And to complicate matters more, you should also relax enough for the position to not looked forced!

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