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I have terrible balance!


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Let me try to start off without confusing you. I love ballet--I think I am best at my emotions on stage, I have a moderately decent turnout, and my flexibility is slowly but acceptably increasing. (I'm not en pointe...yet) However, my biggest problem is my balance.


If I am doing a ballet walk and land in B-plus, I may not even be able to hold my balance there! I've heard of people saying that pressing your pinky toes against the floor will help with balance, and it helps a little bit. My biggest problem is holding balances in releve. I have terrible tendencies to roll forward and back in any sort of step in releve, like sousou.


But then, the one foot balances on releve...It's horrible! I can't keep the weight evenly distributed, as some might say, because its only one foot and if I use a pinky toe to help me stay grounded I'll roll back. I can't do passé releve for 3 seconds without knocking off my center.


What exercises and products can help me with this? What should my goal be to be able to balance?

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Hello sarah_pirouettes, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers!

In order to help you best, it will help us to know what your background is, how old you are, how many years you have studied ballet, and how many classes you take and how long they are per week!

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Oops! A post was removed because only the Teacher-Moderators are permitted to give technique advice. :thumbsup:

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Okay! I am uncomfortable with giving my age directly, but I am in the youngest age group here, and I quit ballet when I was nine but started up again when I was 11. I take 3 classes a week: one is technique/rehearsal for Swan Lake, two is technique with the older classes, three is sometimes a private rehearsal/stretching class. I am not yet en pointe but my teacher is beginning prepointe training with me and I will soon get demi-pointe shoes! :)

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Ok, thank you. That is helpful.


My first suggestion would be to take a look around to see what the other training options might be in your area. Right now, you are not taking enough ballet classes for your age group, which is probably why you are struggling with your balance. Balance can only come after proper alignment can be held, and that requires much, much more good training. Have a look at this sticky:



It will give you an idea of what a good pre-professional training program might look like. :)

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Thank you so much, this is very helpful! I, coincidentally, am looking for other studios, but thank you for the resource--that helps a lot with the process of finding other schools! :)

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I have the same problem! What happens to me is I try to focus on one point in the room and the second I get distracted, I fall

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This is my first post so I hope it is in the right place! I had the same problem when I first started ballet, my balance was terrible. What I did that really helped was just to practice finding my centre and then holding it whenever I could (normally in the kitchen :) ) I would releve into retire position whilst holding onto my work surface then find my balance and let go. I never had enough time in class to stop and find my centre, but my balance has definitely improved since!

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My teacher was talking about how the fluid in the inner ear is almost like a muscle and the balance can be exercised. For example, after a menage of turns when your balance is less stable, stand in a low arabesque without touching anything (no walls or barre) and get used to balancing while a little dizzied by the turns. I think doing this really has helped with my general balance...

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