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Hi not sure if I should post this here or in pointe shoes. My DD is 15 and some months ago in some pointe shoe photos Clara noticed that she is not getting her weight over here big toes, she has been working hard on some foot excercises given by a physio. But at a a recent pointe shoe fitting the fitter said the same thing, none of her teachers have noticed this in class and she is trying hard to correct it but finds it difficult because the teacher moves through exercises quickly. She has a place in a full time dance school here in the uk for September and I would like to help her correct this before then, I guess it has become habit that could be hard to break. Any help advice gratefully received. Thanks

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Pointe shoes, this is something that really MUST be addressed by the teacher. If they are not seeing it, then she needs to show them and ask what is wrong. If they don't know, then she needs to seek a better teacher. This is not something for a parent to try to correct! It is possible that the shoes are not right for her, but more likely that it has to do with her feet, shape of leg and foot, or alignment or knowledge of balance point and use of rotation, or all of the above. I suggest that you ask Clara 76 again about shoe recommendations, or, send her photos of the child on pointe in a full body shot, or several full body shots, so that she can see all the things I mentioned and hopefully be able to tell whether it is a shoe problem or a technique or structure problem.

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