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Going to LINES ballet! things to know..


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Hey guys,

So I am so happy that I'm going to LINES ballet this summer! I am 17, so if you have gone or are going let me know! From people that have gone tell me about what you think and what are good things to know about the program and about being in San Francisco. For people who are going let me know where you are from and stuff like that, so maybe we can get to know each other a little bit before the summer comes! Thanks

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, cswanberg!


There are threads with lots of information on Lines! Just go to the SI forums and you will them alphabetically listed. There should be two threads, one about the program and one called Lines Who's Going. Your questions may already be answered, but if not, please ask them on those threads. :)


I have to also ask you to please follow our policies and use upper case letters and punctuation where appropriate. I will edit your post, as we don't allow text message typing here! If you read some of the "pinned" topics at the top of the various forums they will explain how we work and how each forum works. :)

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