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Hate dancing in hot studio!


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They seem to leave the heat on in my studio when it doesn't need it as there are enough of us in class to already make it hot..I just hate it! It makes me feel lethargic, tired and lacking in energy. It's easy to throw on some legwarmers etc if it is cold so I don't see the need for the room to be so warm :(

A lot of the pros like it as it makes them stretch easier and less dangerously, they say but my chiropractor says he sees the most injuries in people who stretch in bikram yoga for example as they often stretch beyond what they should and end up with problems as they don't feel it 'till later when they cool down!


I have asked so so many times if they would turn off the heat and they say the will but never do...I can hear it switch on every ten minutes or so during class...keeping the room really stifling!


I think I would love dancing in Russia with the room lovely and cool!!!! I already wear as little as possible in class but that is not enough. Sometimes I am put off going as I get so uncomfortable and what kills me is that they can not afford expensive heating!


What to do...?

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Well, we all have different notions of how hot is hot and how cold is cold. I love hot weather when it comes to dance, even when it's on the humid side. But in January I exercise in my unheated garage where the temperature is about 40 degrees on average. I've learned to just accept that.


Where I dance people will sometimes ask if a window might be opened if it is warm. I can't recall an incidence of someone objecting. I think I remember a time or two when someone asked if the heat in the room could be turned down. Again, I don't remember anyone objecting.


Personally I think it's good to be adaptable to your environments. I like to think I can perform under any conditions.


If I owned or managed a school, I'd keep the heat as low as tolerable simply because it is a cost and I want to minimize my costs.

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I don't like the heat on because it dries out the air a lot and I have problems to breath and then I get problems with my eyes because I wear contacts and they get all itchy with the heat on (especially those that blow hot air in the room). I don't have any problems with summer heat.


It's annoying that they don't react to your complaint.

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Well, in Russia they're using radiators very often (like the rest of Europe). Controlling the heat with those old fashioned radiators isn't really the easiest - you'd have a difficult time dancing in Europe and Asia during Summer lol. There's rarely any air conditioning, and our idea of ventilation is opening a window.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

I know where I teach, the thermostat is set at 72 degrees for most of the year. The owner feels that is a good workable temperature - not too cold and not too hot. That does seem to be the case. We are lucky in that we also can have a setting that doesn't alter the temperature, but just causes air to circulate if the room feels "close" for any reason (like many dancers in class) You might bring your concerns to the owner of your studio. I would suspect she/he would want to know if people are considering not coming to class because of temperature issues.

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When I was a student in London the studio was so cold that it would sometimes take me the whole class to even feel my feet - now I have the opposite problem, summer in Tel Aviv means the studio is so hot I nearly faint if the class is with a teacher who refuses to put on the air-conditioning. I agree that if the studio is heated too much that is also not comfortable, but opening a window is a good solution, unless it means that even hotter air is coming in from outside!

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About the only time I really enjoy hot weather is in the studio, as my joints feel really 'oiled.' Although the sweat isn't pretty ... :ermm:

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But how many people who don't want a hot studio, would want a gym that is cold,? I love a studio that is hot, I want to sweat and don't like when I have to put too many clothes on to keep warm. To me there is nothing worse than a studio that is heavily air conditioned.

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I don't need it heavily air conditioned...or even air conditioned at all right now...just don't like the heat constantly coming on :(

Yesterday I almost fainted when I had my head down in a stretch for a while..felt really dizzy and sweaty ...It's just miserable for me!

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If it makes you feel any better, I sometimes dance in a studio that's COLD, and I'd rather it be too hot. Last week, when it was still below freezing here, it was (supposedly) 16C and the air blowing out of the vents on me was cool. It was horrible.


Aside from telling the studio owner/manager again, make sure you're keeping yourself properly hydrated. Don't just drink water in -- or just before -- class; drink water at a reasonable rate throughout the day.

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BlleFille, could you ask if people would mind if you opened a window?

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I hate dancing in a hot studio too. I recently had a spot at the barre under the ceiling heat vent and thought I was going to faint. I got tired so quickly and really stuggled through barred because of the overwhelming heat. I will never stand in that spot again! In my old studio, I used to snag the barre spot where the thermostat control was mounted on the wall and quietly turn it down when no one was looking. But the pianist was on to me and would get up after barre, march over to the controls, and jack it back up again. Not fair since he wasn't the one dancing around and getting overheated!

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Students shouldn't control the temperature of a room..... I wouldn't mess with the thermostat, I'm not the one who set it in the first place.

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