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Hiya, I have recently been accepted into KS Dance and Ballet West in Scotland. I really loved both schools and I am needing to make a final decision soon, I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or information I should consider before choosing.

Thanks x

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers RachelHartley!


How nice to have a choice of two good schools! I'm sure it is a difficult decision, so really the best way is to just take enough classes at each school to get a good idea of how you respond to the teachers, and they respond to you, and in general the atmosphere of the school and students. If the schools are equal in terms of the quality and quantity of training, it really just comes down to a personal choice of where you feel most comfortable.


Rachel, since this is your first post, and it's not in an age related YD forum, I have to ask if you are still in the teen category? If so, you might want to think about not using your real name for display on your posts. If you would like to change it, please write to Contact Us and send me a choice of two, preferably three names, in case you first choice is already in use. I will then change it for you.

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I don't know much aout either school and it may depend on your career aspirations as to which is best, but well done for getting two offers.


Can I suggest that you post your question on balletco as that is a UK forum and you will probablyfind more people with experience of these schools on there? I do suggest that you don't use your real name there, either!


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Ifnotwhynot is right - ask the question on balletcoforum.com. There are many members who could give answers from first hand knowledge. I am also a member there, but with a different screen name. My opinion - knowing students at both, is that Ballet West is more classically oriented, although there are classes in all disciplines. One of their pupils, who was a finalist at the RAD's Genée competition last year, is the girl on the posters for this year's competition (she also had several offers of contracts). KS Dance is a more general course, with strong Jazz and Musical theatre. The name of each school really points the way!

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Just a note: the Ballet.co.uk forum closed about a year ago, sadly.

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