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starting at 13yrs old too late for Classical career?


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Hi guys, so Im verrrry passionate about ballet and want to pursue it as a career. I started dancing when I was 13yrs old (mainly modern classes), but got serious with ballet when I turned 14. Currently I am 15yrs old and am going to my first summer intensive this year (Pittsburgh Theatre), and was wondering if I have a shot at becoming a professional classical ballet dancer? Most men that are pros start waaaay younger than I did, but I know boys dont always have to start when they're young. Many people say I have the drive and determination as well as the potentional, but Im just a little worried. I've done workshops with other ballet boys and in my opinion I looked no different from them and they've been dancing their whole lives!!!

Thank you for your help :D

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Welcome jdancer 13!


Yes - you have the potential - do not let anyone or anyhting frighten you away from doing what you love (unless of course you love being a mass-murderer or something like that ...!)


The ballet world, like the rest of the world, is a continuous work in progress - what was the 'norm' yesterday may not be the 'norm' tomorrow.


If you truly want to beocme a professional, then go for it - hard work, determination, perserverance - these are the qualities that make one great - not how young you start - remember, its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog!


Best of luck to you!

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Thank you so much. Your words really helped me feel better about myself. And I think Im going to live by that dog quote now (: !!

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Welcome jdancer!


I would agree with joseph11 that hard work, determination, and perserverance will be vital in your success. Starting a bit late is generally easier for males since there is not pointe technique involved in the earlier years. Be diligent in the basic classwork and don't feel as though you need to know everything immediately. All of the double tours, saut de basques, multiple pirrouettes, etc (the 'cool' mens steps) are the result of proper execution of the basics. The quantity of what you know is not nearly as important as the quality of what you know.


Enjoy the ride, and as I said, welcome to Ballet Talk!

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