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wooden foot roller


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Hello. My 12 year old DD was given a wooden foot roller today from her AD to use for 1 month to improve her feet. The AD does not want me to hold my DD's feet any longer as she is afraid it will hurt her or pull a muscle. The AD showed me to roll the foot over the top of the foot roller and hold it for 10 seconds. Then do this for five or ten times each night. Since my DD has been having me hold the tops of her feet down since December and she has been using the thera band, her feet have improved. But her AD said no more, to only do the foot roller to improve her feet. I had DD use the foot roller this evening and she said that she didn't know what she was suppose to be feeling. Does anyone out there have experience using a foot roller to improve feet and does this work better than holding DD's feet. Her AD said she wants to see her in one month and see how she has improved with the foot roller. I thought the foot roller was only for if there is cramping or foot pain.. Thank you all for your advice.

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It helps to stretch out the muscles in the bottom on the feet so can increase flexibility if used regularly. Like any massage it relieves tension too which is always good for improving flexibility.

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OK. So if I am correct, my DD should place her foot on the foot roller and roll her foot back and forth over the top of it. She is to hold her foot rolled forward for 10 seconds before rolling back. She will do this every night for 1 month and then her AD will check her and see what needs to be done next. I just want to make sure she is using it correctly to improve. Thank you so much for responding BalletTeacherUK. I really appreciate it.

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Yes that sounds fine, she needs to apply just a gentle pressure too I would say :)

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Has anyone used a foot roller that has experience with it helping to develop better feet? Is this a good way to achieve better feet? I just want to make sure that if my DD is spending the time to do this, that it will be worth doing in the long run. I would hate for her to have been doing something more benefical in the long run.

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What my 12 year old DD is wanting to achieve is stronger feet for pointe work and releve, better arch (more banana foot). I forgot to mention that earlier when asking if the wooden foot roller is a helpful way to achieve these things. Sorry.

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As BalletTeacherUK said, it releases tension in the muscles under the foot and can aid in increasing flexibility. How much it can help is relative to the amount of tension, amount of flexibility, and diligence in working with it. It is not a magic pill, and there is no quick way to improve anything. It is doubtful that it could hurt anything, and it might help. But of course there is still nothing better than being taught well in the usage of all of one's muscles needed for whatever each barre exercise is working on and expected to achieve, over time. The barre exercises are designed to work their feet, legs, rotation, flexibility, and strength. If they are well taught, and a student has sufficient and correct training, there will be improvement.

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My DD (11) is also working hard to improve her insteps. What about tight calve muscles? Do they contribute to inflexibility of the feet as well? I believe Lisa Howell mentions something about this in The Perfect Pointe Book.


Balletsky, please keep us apprised of your daughters progress. I'm curious to hear if using the foot roller was effective for her.

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At the end of this month my DD was told to meet with her AD and they would look at the progress that she has made. I will let you know cocobelle what comes of it and what her AD is asking her to do next. :)

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Thank you, balletsky.

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