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It is the policy of Ballet Talk for Dancers for all members to have the right to remain anonymous. Momof3darlings stated a couple reasons for this very well in our Member Expectations thread :


“…so that we can ask sometimes difficult or sensitive questions, speak our minds, engage in conversation, and review experiences without fear of reprisals in the ‘real world’. It is something we actively choose do here, together, among understanding members.”


“In order to maintain a respectful environment for open, trusting sharing, we require that each of us as members be gracious enough to allow our fellow members to speak openly about their personal journeys without the fear of wondering who is looking over their shoulder and who might ‘overhear’.”


Having anonymity does not give our membership free reign to post whatever they desire without accountability. But, that accountability is maintained by the membership and moderators on this board and not in the ‘real world’ by others who do not participate in our process of learning on Ballet Talk for Dancers.


Remember, Ballet Talk for Dancers is intended to educate and inform. Without the expectation of anonymity, our membership will share less of their experiences for fear of reprisal. Therefore, the intention of the board to educate and inform will be lost.


Please, show respect for Ballet Talk for Dancers and your fellow members by not sharing their identity with anyone.

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Just a reminder - the dance world can be a small world at times. All members are reminded that while honest discussion is encouraged, care should be taken in revealing specific details of locations, events, or situations as this can cause distress both to the poster and other members.

Please refer to the above post and keep this in mind in both our online and real world discussions.

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