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Television: Misty Copeland's Dr. Pepper Commercial

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I love her too but am surprised to see her advertising such a beverage...a diet soda with carcinogenic ingredients like aspartame!? That is hardly a great message for the youth of today really!? Not great for good nutrition! All sodas are bad but the diet ones are even worse for health :(


Otherwise she is a great role model for all of us and a beautiful dancer :)

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The old means versus ends. At least the commercial will bring a quick view of true ballet skill to a wide audience, even if is it for soda.

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I think it is somewhat ironic for any advertisement to promote individualism when, in reality, the purpose of advertising any product is to get you to believe that you need to be part of a group consumerism and buy something to be personally fulfilled. I like the ad, though - catchy campaign.


By the way, Dr Pepper doesn't have a period in its brand.

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Seriously lets not get political or pick apart the commercial and it's campaign strategy! How about just celebrate that a ballet dancer as well as ballet in general is being promoted in this commercial! It would be great to hear more positive comments the negativity gets old!

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I agree with Violet1. Let's keep in mind that Dr Pepper could have chosen numerous celebrities, pop music icons or sports heroes. Instead, they chose a ballerina.

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Yes think about what is being represented here...a female, a woman of color, a ballerina, I think we should celebrate! I wish we saw more of this!! Way to go Misty!!

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This Dr Pepper commercial was just on. She looks gorgeous - just as she did in the TMobile Blackberry Commercial and Prince's video a few years ago. Dancers aren't very mainstream celebrities in the USA, and most ballet dancers don't look exactly as she does, so I am doubly pleased for her success.


Get the number of that girl's agent. ; )

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People, of course this ad is political... Misty is the one and only alright - the one and only African American female Soloist for ABT - currently and for a long ways back.... She should be proud of her accomplishments but sometimes being the one and only is awful!

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This is a Pointe Magazine interview where Misty addresses being approached by Dr Pepper to do the commercial and the controversy around a dancer doing a soda ad:



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People, of course this ad is political


Yes zlawrence-but we don't discuss politics here at Ballet Talk for Dancers! We do however, discuss ballet and ballet related issues.

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Julisha, thanks for sharing that link to the Pointe Magazine piece. I think she's right...having an occasional soda or a cookie is fine. I would never tell my DD that she couldn't ever have a cookie or a soda or a piece of birthday cake...too unrealistic! :)


Besides, Misty looks beautiful in the TV spot, and I love how it shows the hard work that goes into ballet.

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