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Movies: Ballet's Greatest Hits

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I saw the film yesterday and loved it! It is chock full of wonderful dancers, present and former, with beautiful performances of major classical works. Excellent interviews with lots of former great dancers and choreographers and directors, some wonderful photos of historic greats, and good historical information about the ballets shown. My favorite thing was seeing some of today's stars I have not yet seen in performance, most whom are now principal dancers in major companies, and a couple who are still soloists in ABT!


It is playing here in GA on Tuesday night, 7:00 I think, and in other places around the country on different dates. There are links on the YAGP website to show you clips from the film, and links to where and when it will be playing near you! http://www.yagp.org.

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That looks incredible....pity the closest cinema showing it is about 100 km away.....

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Thanks for the review! We are going to drive about an hour to see it tomorrow. Sounds like it will be worth it. :)

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I also watched the movie yesterday, and LOVED almost all the guys. Just out of curiosity, is it often that the Sugar Plum variations does not have final manège? I was quite surprised to see it end without one.

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Yes, that is the older, and I believe original version. I learned it that way many, many years ago. I think it may have been Balanchine who added the extra music, but not sure of that. I loved seeing that pas done so classically beautifully, and so near to the very early version. Hee Seo was, in my opinion, exquisite!

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Oh why, Oh why, are these movies always shown during the work day? There is a theater showing the movie only a few miles away, but always in the middle of a weekday. Guess they are saving the weekend seats for movies with a wider appeal. How sad.

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Yes, the showings aren't at the most convienent times. especially with one of them having been on Easter. We're going to see this tomorrow though. Can't wait!

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Guest Missmary

Thank you for the "heads up!" There are about 10 theatres in my area (Mpls/St. Paul and across the river in Wisconsin) showing this at 7:00 pm tonight - one is in Apple Valley, about 15 minutes from my house! I'll be there.....

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