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Online Videos: Sesame Street and NYCB

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I just this on my Facebook page and wanted to share. I understand that it will air on April 4, 2013. I think it is a lovely, fun introduction of ballet for small children to see.


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Just watched it and it is very cute!

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So...that is the first time I ever saw Sesame Street. Is it always like this? :dizzy:


The Cygnets piece at the end was lovely, though.

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I used to love watching Sesame Street with my dd when she was little - she's now 20! They used to have a lovely ballet scene with Dance Theatre of Harlem.

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Fun! I love Sesame Street. My son used to get so excited when Angel Corella came on Sesame Street and danced with the letters of the alphabet:

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Are these corps members or students at the school?

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I just saw this - the dancers are in the studio (but in full costume) doing the pas de quatre from Swan Lake. Beautiful... what wonderful exposure of ballet to young, open minds.

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Thank you for sharing the Angel Corella and DTH clips on Sesame Street, along with the NYCB! I love how SS continues to expose kids to ballet. Preschool is the time when many ballet dreams are first formed.


One of my favorite Sesame Street ballet clips-Suzanne Farrell's Grande Battements

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