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Ballet Schools in Florida - Miami-Dade

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I am looking for schools in Miami, but there is no topic for that area. How far is Ms. Suarez from Miami?

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About one hour.


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Thomas Armour Youth Ballet in South Miami

5818 SW 73rd St South Miami, FL 33143
(305) 667-5543
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Hi, I post on Seattle - Washington tread as well - Is MCB the only Balanchine style school in Miami area? We are in the early stage of moving (couple locations: Seattle, Miami, Dallas and Raleigh), but my daughter is devastated by this idea. She is currently trained at a nice Balanchine style school and very serious ballet student, but both MCB and PNB turned her down last summer. If there is other Balanchine teachers/school in the area, I would very much like to know - maybe it will help my daughter to accept the idea of moving. Thank you! 

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Both of my daughters have trained at Thomas Armour Youth Ballet in the city of South Miami.  I wouldn't call it a Balanchine style training, however in the upper levels one of the main teachers is a SAB visiting fellow with and also received her full time training at SAB. Her classes incorporate the SAB method into her classes. The school is the oldest ballet school in Miami, and existed long before Miami City Ballet was established in the 1980's. The school is in a lovely part of Miami, and is is run very professionally with a terrific Nutcracker and Spring Concert.

Both of my girls have attended PNB in the summers, and the older one studied as a PD in her later training years. They both have attended SAB as well. It's a small school with lots of attention. Both have had no troubles being accepted to Balanchine style programs, including Miami City Ballet and Chautauqua. 

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The Art of Classical Ballet teaches the Cuban School and it is in Broward County. 


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Pirouetteprincess100, thank you for the recommendation. I will contact the school and see if we can make a visit in our next trip to Miami. My DD is only 13 (will be 14 next school year), not sure what her placement will be. 

Learningdance, thank you for information. I looked it up and the dancers seem really strong. I think we will check it out too; maybe it will open my DD’s horizon. :) 

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may_may my DD is the same age your DD. Contact the school and they will give her a proper placement class. At that age she would have the aforementioned teacher and another wonderful teacher who is of the Cuban National Ballet. They together are a winning combination for aspiring serious ballet dancers. Magalay Suarez's school in Pompano Beach is also amazing. But a very long commute from Miami-Dade County.

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