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Hair after Bun


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Hi! I'm going to a residency program next year for ninth grade and I wanted to know if anyone had ideas on ways to do your bun so that your hair doesn't look like a lion :speechless: afterwards. My hair after dance always looks terrible and I know its almost impossible to avoid but I was wondering if anyone had ideas or ways that helped them have OKAY hair afterwards.

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I'm sorry I posted this in the wrong section! I meant to post it in the 13-16 age group! I apologize! :blushing:

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No problem, savannah, it got moved. :) However, doing hair is a Buddy Board topic, and there are even threads on it there. But, you will need to wait until you have 30 substantial posts to be admitted to that forum, and also the Teen Private Forum at the same time. You have been here a long time, but do not have enough posts. I'm sorry, but I have to close this because we only discuss technique, class, and performance topics here. You have plenty of time since you are not going until next year! :)

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