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Should I continue exams?


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Hi All,


So I have relocated for college and am doing great. I am facing a dilemma right now. I was awarded the RAD Intermediate certificate last year and was learning the Advance Foundation syllabus halfway. Once I relocated, I haven't had the chance to look for a RAD school. While others have already advised me that if I have no thoughts of using the RAD qualifications to be a RAD teacher or so, the exams would be unnecessary.


The thing is that I am not too sure if I should continue RAD classes or not. Right now, I am just doing pure adult classes. Even though I do get corrections occasionally during the classes, the corrections weren't as intensive as what I was used to.


Alittle advice from fellow dancers please! Thank you!

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I think you need to work out in your own mind, why you might want to do exams.


Is it for the sense of a marked or certificated achievement? Is it for the intensity of the studying process? Is it because it gives some structure to your study of dance?


All of these might be reasons for keeping on studying for RAD exams & qualifications.


Or it might be that the studio you go to is not meeting your needs for pushing you or developing your understanding & ability as a dancer.


So it might be that you need to try a few studios to find one that gives you what you want in terms of correction to aid your learning.

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It is mainly for the intensity of the studying process actually. The exams helped me to work towards a goal to a certain extend but then again, I do know of some excellent teachers who would not give corrections because you are not going in for exams.


Unfortunately, most studios here does the RAD syllabus hence that triggered my thoughts whether should I go back to that route or not. The non RAD schools here are mostly Dolly-Dinkle offering limited ballet classes...

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I think Redbookish is right - what do you want to get from them?


I believe there is a lot of value in the RAD system, exams or otherwise. I always feel that education is never wasted. The good thing about the syllabus is that you would continue to train and progress in a structured manner. Sometimes, drop-in or adult classes can tend more towards a set level that doesn't always progress (more of a maintenance) - sometimes they are great classes. I feel it would be more about the studio, teacher and class than anything.


So, if you are happy to learn at whatever pace - great! If you feel you want a goal to work towards - fantastic! Set yourself one and go for it - exam or otherwise. Whatever you choose, make sure you are enjoying it and learning lots!

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It is mainly for the intensity of the studying process actually. The exams helped me to work towards a goal to a certain extent


I think that's your answer then, Chocakety. It sounds as though you get a lot of fulfilment from doing exams, and I know what you mean -- it gives you some concrete goal to work towards, and a structure for your study.


What does it matter if you don't use your qualifications in the ways that other people think you should? You are not them. You are using the exams for your purposes. You go!!

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