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Boys Character shoes


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My son will be attending BBASI this summer and he is required to bring black character shoes. Does anybody know how do they look like? I could find character shoes for girls, but not for boys...


Thank you!

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Thanks for the link. My son is doing character for the first time at his SI this summer. I appreciate the information.

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Thank you, dancemaven. I asked the SI and they sent me the link to the most expensive pair - Capezio for $238. To me, it's a lot of money. I asked the person again if they have any budget-friendly alternative in mind. Ballroom shoes look exactly the same and they are four times cheaper. But they have suede soles, I am not sure if that would be suitable for character dancing. Well, I am waiting for more info from the SI staff...

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My son also needs character shoes for his home school SI. One of our teachers said they'd allow jazz shoes since he is one of only two boys.

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I was also told that jazz shoes by Bloch will be allowed - they are so much easier to find and cheaper :)

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I ordered mine from the UK RAD site- they were reasonably priced. Just a warning, you need to contact them after you make your order to arrange shipping or elese they won"t ship it. I think I paid around $35



these are even cheaper- I pretty sure this is where I got them from


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They also have them on ebay, the company that makes them

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Capezio makes a cheaper character shoe. They tend to have a higher heel then ballroom shoes. It takes the guys a while to learn not to fall off the higher heel. Suede bottom is fine for character shoes. Just ask though. Each teacher is different in what they want. A lot of times with boys they don't care if they wear a jazz shoe. Shoe can get ridiculous. My DS wears 12.5 extra narrow and has to have ballet shoes, toe undies, tap shoes, jazz shoes, hip hop shoes, character shoes. Did I miss any? :) Good luck

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The thing is that I don't quite understand what are the requirements for boys character shoes. Are they supposed to make noise? Are they supposed to have slippery or non-slippery soles? We don't have character dance as one of the classes available at our home studio. My son does ballroom, we have many variations of ballroom shoes at home. But they all have suede soles. Some of them are harder in the toes, some are softer. Some have low heels, some are with Latin heels. If any of these variations would be fine for character shoes then we are all set. If character shoes need to have leather or rubber soles then we are still looking :)


Well, actually, we already got a pair of soft jazz shoes from Bloch per BBASI recommendation, but I am still curious :)

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They needn't make noise but they do have to be supportive, especially where the actual heel attaches to the shoe.

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