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Teaching Methods: Cecchetti and Vaganova


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Can anyone explain, or post a link to an article, explaining the different teaching methods for ballet?


I thought that a school either taught with one method or the other but dd (who is 9) said that her teacher explained that out of the 4 ballet teachers at her school, 2 teach using the Cecchetii method and 2 teach using the Vaganova method. All 4 of these teachers are involved in her ballet education.

DD said that the different teachers often use different terms for the same positions leaving the kids to remember what's what.

I thought mixing teaching methods was frowned upon at this age.


Any wisdom you would like to impart would help this confused mama.

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Consistency in training in the early years is very important. All the methods are fine, but it's HOW they are taught that matters. It always comes down to the teaching, not the method.

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Agreed. In an ideal world fewer teachers and only one system of training would be better at this age I think but the main thing is the quality of teaching.

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If you don't have a professional dance background or dance education, how do you know what qualities or characteristics to look for in a good dance teacher?

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