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It is I, Don Quixote...


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After sitting on the sidelines for a year due to injury, I'm back to feeding my performance addiction. I will be Don Quixote in Classic Dance Theatre's (Denver, CO) production of the ballet by the same name, coming up in early June.


I'm not really happy with the costume pieces used the last time and am trying to upgrade Don Q's costume. I found a nice shaving basin online today, but am still pondering what to do about the rest of the outfit.


If anyone has any pictures that might help, please PM me.

If anyone knows of a Don Q costume that might be rentable (or buyable if low-cost), that would really help.


Thanks in advance!

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Congrats on being "the Don"!


When we put that production on (youth group) I made a shaving basin out of papier-maché. :)

From further than two meters away, no one could tell.


In most pictures I have seen, DonQ. is shown wearing some sort of armor, but sometimes a simple shirt or leather-like vest is used.

Good luck finding better costume-parts! I hope others have better ideas than I!



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I once restaged Jerome Robbins' choreography for a beautiful production of the King and I. The costumes were magnificent and they were rented from a company in NY called Eaves-Brooks (spelling?). I know that they have full sets of professional costumes for many musicals...and since there is the musical "Man of La Mancha" they might have a Don Quixote costume for rent. I'm not sure what the cost would be (I would think pretty expensive) but for one costume it might be do-able. I did a google search and the company is no longer in existance but it looks like a lot of their costumes are now available for rent at www.costumeworldtheatrical.com Man of La Mancha is on their list of productions...you might be able to score a reall good Don Q costume for rent there

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