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Recently I've been worrying am I doing enough ballet to help get to better schools and so on?

I do:

Two classes and stretching on monday (ballet class 4:00 - 5:45, stretching 5:45- 6:15, repetoire 7:45 - 9:00)

One class on wednesday for and hour and a half

and one class on thursday for an hour and a half.

Should I be doing more or is this enough? :mellow: (I also do lots and lots of practice at home because I am homeschooled :) )

Not really sure?

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RedRidingHood, I believe that you are in Australia, and the training there works a bit differently than it does here in the US. I think you actually have a bit more class time than some schools there offer, and since you are only 13, or maybe 14 by now, you have time on your side. Here we like to have serious students in 5 or 6 day a week classes, with technique and separate pointe classes, by around 14 or 15. But that is in the pre-pro schools, and not the case in a lot of smaller schools. I think that most of the students in your country go away to train in their later teens if they are accepted into the 'big' schools in major cities. A lot of our students do that too, if they do not live in a place where there is a pre-pro school.

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Thank you for replying :) Thats really helpful... I was quite stressed about it all. Thankyou so much, no I don't have a pre-pro school near me... Maybe I should audition say for the Australian ballet school in Melbourne when I'm a little bit older? Thankyou again.

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It would be good to try for that, if you are truly serious about becoming a professional dancer. :)

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