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Two Technique Classes in Same Day


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DS, age 13, wants to increase his number of classes next year. I'm perfectly OK with him doing so, but I'm wondering about something. Classes at his level and the level just below it are not offered every day at our studio. (Not this year anyway.) There are two days he could take modern or jazz, but not ballet technique. Currently he takes four technique classes per week, but two (of different levels) are on the same day back to back. He handles these just



Our studio offers homeschool classes in the early afternoon, and the same level classes

in the evening, two days a week. Would it be reasonable for DS to take both of those classes on those days? Do ballet boarding school students take more than one technique class at different times of the day? I just don't want to bite off more than we can chew or not give his muscles a chance to rest. We live close to the studio so travel wouldn't be a problem.

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Our students at HARID take only one ballet technique class a day. In Vaganova Academy, the students take only one technique class a day. As a student, growing up in a company affiliated school, I did take 2 technique classes a day up until age 13, when a full schedule of daily classes were offered for my age group. It is not ideal. I was exhausted.


I would not recommend two technique classes a day, but perhaps others might.

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I agree with vrsfanatic. If the training is really good, then one solid ballet technique class per day, especially during the growth years, should be enough. He could take another class in modern or jazz on some days and that would be fine. Are daily technique classes available when he gets a bit more advanced?

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Thanks to you both. I'm so glad I asked. We'll stick with one a day.


Yes, the training is good, and daily classes are offered at the upper levels.

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