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Hi everyone, this is my first post, but I was wondering if anyone knew where to get "male" ballet slippers (and by slippers I mean to go over flats). I've been dancing for seven years and have just been using a very strange looking pair of socks, so I was wondering if there are more prefessional looking slippers.

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Your local dancewear store should have some. There are websites that sell them, too, but it's usually best to be fitted in person for your first pair. They should fit the way thin socks do, without "room to grow", but your toes should be able to lie flat next to each other. If they have crossed elastics, be sure not to sew them too far forward--they should attach at the middle of your arch and near the heel.

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Thank you, but I meant for slippers that go over ballet shoes (to keep them from getting ruined on wax floors and between classes)

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Crocs are good, as are Mukluks, Some dancers wear insulated booties from the north face. What Studio waxes their non-dance floors?

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Many of the students at my ballet school slide Norwegian-style slipper socks over their ballet slippers and pointe shoes to protect them as they make their way around the building. I haven't tried that myself but it seems like a good idea. Even slightly oversized moccasin slippers would work for that purpose, I imagine.

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