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time out after LEEP


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I will very likely end up having to undergo LEEP surgery (no incision, as done on the cervical canal). They say no sex for 4-6 weeks, no tampons for the same amount of time, potential vaginal discharge/bleeding (pads!! I guess dancing in pants only? it will look so weird, I have never done that. i don't even wear a skirt and we're all in white tights...)....


does anyone have any experience with this? some say no sports, but not sure what "sports" entails... surely tendus, ronds de jambes, releves OK?

or anything out where I use the abs? (almost everything?)

or just no developpes 90 degrees or above?


any practical advice greatly appreciated.


thanks xx

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I think you're going to need to ask your GP or a practice nurse about these practicalities. You've made a good list here of what you need to ask about. We can't give medical advice here. It sounds as though physical exertion is not recommended though!


I think I need to close this thread -- we have found that an internet message board is not really the best place to give medical advice to dancers, I'm afraid. You really need to ask these specific questions of the medical staff who are looking after you.

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Margotmargot, this is a medical situation and we are not qualified to deal with it. It is not something that anyone but your doctor can tell you in terms of exactly what you will be able to do and what you cannot do, and my guess would be that ballet is probably not going to be on the can do list.


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