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How can one recover quickly from muscle strain and/or hurt knees?


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So, for years, I've suffered from muscles that tear and/or sprain easily. I admit, I don't stretch constantly, but I do stretch well. My knees have been injured since the end of March, 2010. I've visited many PT places, Team and Body Shop to name a few. I have inserts to help to keep my arches from falling in, and though my technique and flexibility have improved, my knees still react somewhat badly and my muscles are still very sensitive. Any suggestions to faster recovery or tips to help would be welcome.


Thank you!

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Hello SavvyPixie, and welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers.


I'm sorry you are having so many physical problems, but these are things that need to be addressed by a physician. We are not doctors, so I'm afraid that we cannot help you with your issues. You need a diagnosis in terms of the muscles and the knee problems, and that is not something we can do.


I'm afraid I will have to close this topic, but I do hope that you will come back when you have seen a doctor and tell us how you are doing.

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