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Hi I'm new to Ballet Talk and I'm not quite sure if this is the correct forum to post this on. But I figured since I'm a young dancer of 15 this might be the place. I am seriously considering moving for the senior Goh program, and I have an audition with them coming up. However can anyone tell me in detail what their training is like there? So far I have heard nothing but great things about them, but I would like to know in further detail. Also a very big concern of mine is body type I have good feet and very hyper extended legs, but I am shorter than most dancers (at 5'2) and I'm a bit bigger chested and all over curvier than what is typically deemed acceptable. Will this lessen my chances? I have done my advanced one exam in RAD, will this improve my chances? I know these are difficult questions to answer, but please if you have any advice at all please share!!

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Welcome edcgirl!!!!

This is the correct place!!!


I edited your post to remove identifying information to help protect you online. Aside from that, we have some threads on the school that should help you.

Check this one out:


Goh Ballet Academy
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You are very welcome!

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