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I've never been a fast turner and turns have never been my strong point. I'm fourteen now and I feel like I'm not progressing enough with my turns on pointe. I ALMOST have a clean double on pointe but I always freak myself out. I know I have it and that's the problem, I get scared and can feel myself coming around for the second time and my brain goes in panic mode! And my fouettes I consistently get 16 on flat but on pointe I can't get my rhythm and I feel like I cant releve up. I have banana feet and strength has always been a problem for me. So I'm not sure if it strength or my rhythm. I know that just getting in the studio and practicing over and over again is the best way to improve. And no one can give me exact advice because you haven't seen me dance in person. But if anyone knew of any exercises or advice that may help I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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You are correct Savannah, it is difficult to advise you without seeing you. All turning movements require a strict coordination, rhythm and strength. I am assuming you are discussing turning en dehors? For all en dehors turns you must be very clearly using the supporting side of your body, in particular the back of your shoulder and forcefully guide yourself with the working fingers and arm. How you spot will also effect your turns. Make sure you keep your eyes lifted and your head straight on your shoulders, as you spot. No tilting of the head as you whip around.


As always, the rules of sustaining good balletic posture must also come into play.

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