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Supporting Legs and Developpes Devant


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For me lifting my leg to the front has always been the hardest, when develope-ing, I can get my leg just above 90 degrees. When doing battement lent it is usually just at 90 degrees or a little bit below. I have read other posts about the 'ferris wheel' imagery, which has helped with height, but every time I lift my leg devant my supporting knee bends and I was wondering how I could correct this. Also sometimes when lifting my leg devant, my pelvis tilts backwards and I was hoping for some advice on how to correct this also. I'm not sure if the two problems are connected, but the bend in my knee of my supporting leg is quite consistent, whereas the tilting pelvis is not quite as regular.

Thank you so much! :)

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An interesting question sallydancer035. Actually a bit perplexing for me since generally speaking if the supporting leg bends when the leg is lifted to the front, the pelvis is dropped under, tilting upward not backward. Could you please explain a bit more?

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vrsfanatic, I actually mean my pelvis is dropping under, sorry, I was thinking of the part of my back near the pelvis that is bending outwards. But yes, the pelvis is dropping under. Sorry for the mistake!

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Thank you for the clarification. In this case you might just be using your stomach muscles a bit to strongly. It might help to think more about lengthening the spine from the tailbone through the lower back, the middle back and the upper back, through the neck into the head. It might help you to feel taller if you think about lifting your earlobes away from your shoulders. Do not squeeze your buttocks as this might cause over use of this important area of your body. While it is important to use your buttocks, it takes a watchful eye, such as a teacher to make sure it is not over used. It sometimes helps to think of sticking your buttocks out, if you are a squeezer. Buttocks squeezing causes many poor placement issues.


As you lift your leg through relevé lent, remember to lengthen your leg out of your hip socket without twisting your hips. The heel of the working leg must face upward with the rise of the leg. As the leg gets higher, get taller, lifting the ribcage without the shoulders getting closer to the earlobes and lightly shift the upper back, neck and head slightly diagonally upward and back. In order for the leg to get higher, the weight of the body cannot press down on the working leg.


Let me know how this works out!

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Thank you so much! I'm learning that imagery and practice are the best things for developpes devant! In regards to the bending knee, my teacher says more stretching of the hamstring and tendon will help, but I'm not sure how to stretch the tendon at the back of the knee? Any advice?

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I am sorry but I do not recommend stretching to any student if I am not in the room with them. :unsure:

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Thank you for all your advice! I'll talk to my teacher about stretching!

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