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Foot stretchers


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Hoping for some helpful advice here...a friend of mine found this curious invention while doing some research on improving their feet,


Has anyone any knowledge of this type of equipment, and if so, have you found it helpful? I have searched the forum but could only find a few scant mentions of them, and always in relation to younger dancers. Realistically, what are the chances of something like this helping dancers over 40 to substantially improve their arches? I also wonder what the chances are of doing damage with something like this that looks pretty extreme.


Any suggestions or comments would be very much appreciated.

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Guest Pas de Quoi

Hi Robyn:


There is an article by Lisa Howell, a physical therapist from Australia, that deals with this topic. I will try to find the link and post it here. Basically, Ms. Howell is saying that if the structure of the foot doesn't allow for a greatly increased range of motion, then the foot stretchers can be harmful, and don't really do much good, in any circumstance. I agree with Ms. Leigh (post below this one).


I'm off to find that link ..... found it: http://perfectpointe.blogspot.com/2006/10/do-i-need-foot-stretcher.html


BTW: Ms. Howell has other articles on safely improving range of motion in feet through exercises. I think you can access those from this link as well.

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Robyn, we have a number of threads on all of these kinds of devices, and our faculty here does not believe that any of them are valid, or that they can substantially improve the feet. We do feel that therabands can be helpful, but basically there is nothing better than really good ballet training and a hard working student. All of the exercises in ballet are designed to work the feet, strengthen them, and increase their flexibility. This happens over a long period of time, and very slowly. There are simply no "devices" that are going to work them any better or any faster.

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Thank you so much Miss Leigh and Pas De Quoi! Very much my own thoughts, but I didn't want to discount anything that might be helpful. I am aware of Lisa Howell's work and will check this specific issue out on her site. Thanks again.

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