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Tiny achievement!

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I used to do pointe, but I was never really good at it. Partly because I didn't have the strength to control my very flexible body (which I realize just now), partly because my feet are just not that suited to point work: very high arch, but no instep, making very skinny feet that have a hard time going over the shoes, and VERY tapered toes with a big toe that bends inwards, making me stand on just the outer corner of my big toe.


I haven't done pointe in nearly 2 years, but I have been dancing a lot since september, not just ballet, but lots of very technical jazz (endless amounts of work on demi pointe) and some contemporary as well. I took my pointe shoes with me when I moved to London, just in case. For some odd reason I felt inspired to put them on a couple of days ago and relevé. Et voilà: rising easily onto pointe, going nicely over my very hard pair of Grishkos, and for the first time ever feeling like I was properly positioned on pointe, feeling lifted and pulled out of my shoes. I feel very tempted to get myself a new pair of pointe shoes and take an extra pointe class!

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That's great, Marjolein! Such cheering news.


And also a good lesson about REAL pointe readiness: you've had almost a year of full-time (daily) dance training on demi-pointe.

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Oh I know, I keep wondering why my teachers ever put me on pointe! Unfortunately, I don't think I have the money for a new pair of pointe shoes.

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I think that there are probably several reasons: sometimes teachers give in to the obvious desire of beginner adults to go on pointe, even when they're not as ready as they should be, because it's the "ballerina" thing. Sometimes teachers see it as a strengthening thing, and also, pointe is a part of a female ballet dancer's skills, and so I suppose teachers feel they need to give adult students the full range of learning experiences.


Maybe you have a birthday coming up and you could ask for the gift of a new pair of pointe shoes? It sounds as though you're fully ready to acquire the skill now. And it's a wonderful boost to your confidence, I'm sure!

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I started pointe as a teen though, so that can't have been the reason... Bad first teachers I guess...


6 months till my birthday unfortunately. I'll try a class on my old shoes and see how it goes... I am going home for a visit soon, and my grandfather always tucks a few banknotes into my hand before I leave. :shhh:

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Whenever I need to make a big purchase, I save $80-100 a month on the side until I reach thay goal. :)

It sounds like a lot but if I make the deposits every 15 days.. its more manageable.



When I started my pointe as a young teen, I felt the same! I asked my teacher if I could do it and she said sure but when I got them I had a really hard time. Well it IS a new skill now that I think about it and I should've stuck with it but I ended up quitting ballet for a while--15 yrs!




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Definitely no pointe shoes for me anytime soon. End of the school year means end of the money for me and I'm struggling to pay rent, let alone pointe shoes. And then soon after graduation I'll be entering the life of the unemployed actress... :(

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