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How do you set up your first position?


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1. Turn out

2. Engage Core (pull stomach in)

3. Shoulders open and back

4. Stretch up through the spine

5. Arms into position

6. Smile


Is this correct, is another order better (like moving #2 between #5 and #6), and did I miss a step?

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Welcome to Ballet Talk for Dancers, TangoKing.


This question probably belongs in one of our forums designated for technique. Are you an Adult student, or teen? I can move it to the appropriate place, where you'll get expert advice from our resident Teacher Moderators.

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I believe that you are an Adult Student, tangoking, so I'm going to go ahead and move this to Adult Ballet Students. :)


In terms of answering your question, actually, turn out is a result of rotating from the hips, and that needs to come from the alignment of the bones and the placement of the whole body. This, of course, involves engaging the core, but also the back muscles and the derrière muscles. The arms and legs are a part of all this, so basically it all happens at the same time. :)

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