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I Get Too Frustrated in Class


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In every class, I try my best, but I almost always get frustrated, especially for these reasons {they don't happen all of the time, just sometimes}:


1} I can't close to a complete fifth, for example when doing degagé

2} Many other girls in the class receive a compliment and/or correction, and I don't

3} I worked really hard on something my teacher told me to work on, and she doesn't notice

4} I think about how everybody there is at least 3 years younger than me, and most of them are better dancers

5} I try so hard to get my developpes higher, but I can't get them past 90 degrees {this one happens every class}


And then, once I get frustrated, I can't dance as well for the rest of class, which makes me even more frustrated.


Any tips on how to keep a positive attitude {no pun intended} during class? Thank you!

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DancingForever, you are seriously wasting time and energy getting frustrated. Thinking about those things, instead of just focusing on doing the work, as it seems you have discovered, makes things worse. There is no trick to learn, just go to class with a different focus. Don't pay attention to other dancers, better, younger or whatever. You are there to learn and to improve. You will not do either of those things if you allow, yes, YOU ALLOW, yourself to dwell in self pity, ie, frustration. Useless. Get over yourself! :)

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Okay...I'll try, but I already try going to class and only thinking about my own improvements and it doesn't work, I still get frustrated, but this time I get frustrated with myself because I feel like I can do better but when I try to do better, I can't. Wow, that was confusing...

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The problem is the use of the word "can't". Remove it from your vocabulary. Replace it with a new one, and I'm sure you know what that is. I didn't say it was easy, but if you want to help yourself, you will do it. Try harder.

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Okay, I will. :) Thank you.

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Some of your problems have also been mine... thanks Miss Leigh for the advice :) Hope you feel better soon Dancing Forever. Just keep loving ballet :wink:

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