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Should I/How to do Ballet Comps?


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I am nearly fifteen years old and I want to move forward with my training. My dance school is pretty recreational. The only dancers that are considered serious are the performing company, which I am a part of. We don't compete, and we all take ballet, modern, and jazz. The company focus is modern dance.


However, my true passion lies in ballet, and I am told that I have potential even for a late starter (I started when I was 4, but I didn't decide to pursue ballet until earlier this year). There are two teachers that have been willing to help me in particular to push me up to standard this year. I dance a base of 6 ballet technique classes plus rehearsals, privates, pointe, and modern + jazz, for a total of approximately 18 hours/week. Next year I want to put much more time into ballet-only training and leave my studio :( but I am not sure exactly where I am going to go. There are local ballet schools and a nearby top professional company school, but I have to further investigate each before making a choice.


I want to be proactive with my training and I desperately want more opportunities to train, perform, and be seen. I would seriously consider competing, but I have no clue where to start. My studio doesn't do any kind of competitions and I don't know if I will be technically good enough for ballet comps like YAGP, Prix de Lausanne, smaller ballet comps, etc. Could/should/how do I compete independently?


Does anybody have any advice? Would competing be right for me? Who I should talk to? What the process is like?

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Balletglitter, first things first! The best possible training, in both quality and quantity is essential. Competing is definitely not essential. And doing it independently is absolutely not a good idea.


First check out the pre-pro school. That should really be your only valid consideration. You are a late starter, and there has to be a whole lot of catching up happening technically, no matter how great a facility you have. Are you going to a Summer Intensive this summer? If not, can you go to the pre-pro school during the summer and see if that would be a good fit for you?

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Thank you for replying! Of course the nearby pre-pro school would be my top goal hands-down, but it one of the top 3 ballet schools in the US (maybe you can guess which ones!) so it's extremely competitive and I have no idea if I can get in.

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