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Exams for my studio are May 20-25th and then we're done. I have a pre-pointe/pointe exam on Wednesday, the 22nd. I have a bad feeling that my pointe shoes may be dead, but I feel like it is really just no support on my left shoe. Part of the exams are releves and each time I releve my left shoe makes this weird sound... kind of squeaky, but a deeper pitch. Someone told me that's the sound they make when they're dead.


Should I be getting new shoes this close to exam or stick with the ones I have? I'm afraid I'm going to get a bad score, because I have dead shoes. My feet aren't really strong enough to dance on dead shoes, but I could probably make it through...

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If the shoes are not supporting you well to relevé then it's time for new shoes. Get them as quickly as you can so that you can break them in before the exam. :)

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My teacher confirmed they're dead. BUT she said not to get new pointe shoes before the exam and to use the dead ones I have now. But they've been dead for at least 2 weeks. :mellow: She suggested Jet Glue or super glue. Since my mom doesn't want to drive to the nearest dance shop, I just got Scotch Super Glue at Walgreens. So, I applied it to the box, because that's where it seems to be softest. Maybe right after exams I can get new pointe shoes. I guess I'll toughen this one out. Thanks though!

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