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Jin Xing

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Being trans and looking to do ballet, I've become very interested in Jin Xing. I've seen some interviews with her and they're very interesting. However there's very little of her dancing or choreography and it makes me sad as I don't know how I'd see it. It's not likely her dance company will ever come to Ireland and I can't really afford to travel abroad.

Is there any way I can find more of her? Maybe some DVDs of recordings of her performances or something, I don't know, I can't find any on eBay I imagine I'd have to import from somewhere specific. It'd probably be easier to find her productions, but that's Modern and I'd like to see her doing Ballet as well.


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I'll be honest- I had never heard of her until now.....


Perhaps someone else knows?

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Jin Xing is interesting indeed! I guess you've already been googling away, but maybe you can contact the Shanghai Jin Xing Dance Theatre directly? Whp knows, maybe they have a European tour next year, or a DVD that's hard to find when you search for it using English terms.

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