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Dancer's Fracture


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I fractured my 5th metatarsal (centered oretty well in the foot - not toward ankle or toe really) and really tore up the top of my foot about a year ago (a dancer stopped in my path during a jump and I landed on the outside top of my foot). It was slow to heal (which I guess is common with a dancers fracture) but it's been okay. I haven't been able to sleep on my right side without my right foot hanging off the bed but walking and dancing are all fine.

The other day I went trail running and stepped on a rock in almost the exact spot of the break and now it's hurting again. I don't think it's re-fractured but definitely strained.

Besides relevé work and resistance bands, any other strengthening I can do? I feel like those mostly work my arch, ankle and calf - not the exterior side of my foot.

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Get thee to a doctor for x-rays. It sounds like you could use a referral to a good dance PT too. :) Keep your chin up- take care of it now and you'll be back to dance before you know it!

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